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that awkward moment when…


you see a random NEWS photo and you thought it was everything but normal…

but then you stare at each member longer…

and you notice Ryo stepping on Shige’s feet ^^;

and made you think, “Ryo just really loves messing up with Shige.” (or he just like getting Shige’s attention no matter what 8D) 

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SHIGE: That PV (Shalala) was also praised by Nishikido-kun: “Shige’s PV is super-good!”. No, no, Nishikido-kun’s PV (Code) is way more cool. One time I want to do one like his, in black and white, just with a guitar! 

RYO: Also, NEWS’ concert DVD has every member’s PV. Amongst them I like Shige’s Shalala Tambourine the most. Shige, who can do such things to such lengths, I think he is very cool. The karaoke staff and the high school girl etc., he did many cosplay. It must have taken much time to think. Eh, Shige said he wanted to shoot a PV like mine? Not bad, if there is a chance next time.

||: Wink Up 01.2010 :||

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the smile which took my life and love forever ♥ High-res


the smile which took my life and love forever ♥

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its so bad how I’m seeing KoyaPi in this.

So like to put it in a fiction-like way,

Yamapi “bangs” Massu on the butt and Koyama “bangs” himself on the butt thinking it’s Yamapi.

I’m sorry my brain, its sizzling.

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Image credit: Nippon News


Image credit: Nippon News

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